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Innovating the Assistive Technology Industry in Canada

The size of the Canadian assistive devices market is thought to be approximately $1 billion. The assistive devices program (ADP) in Ontario is a government funded program with an expenditure estimated to be about 500 million a year. This website is meant to increase access to the approximate 2000 ADP authorized vendors in Ontario using accessible website programming.

GeoCoding the Med Tech Industry in Canada

The size of the Canadian medical device market in 2012 was valued at approximately $6.8 billion, making it the 9th largest worldwide – MedTech Canada

This website has geocoded all 1,018 Medical Technology Companies in Canada.

GeoCoding the Med Tech Industry in the United States

The United States remains the largest medical device market in the world: $156 billion (40 percent of the global medical device market in 2017). By 2023, it is expected to grow to $208 billion.

This website has geocoded 2993 Medical Technology Companies in the US.

In Development
Screenshot of AssistiveTechnology.ca Homepage

In Development. To connect the knowledge network of Assistive Technology in Canada and present this knowledge in an accessible format to Canadians.

Awaiting opportunity
Screenshot of SustainableDesign.ca Homepage

 Connecting universal design with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Screenshot of AssistiveDevices.ca Homepage

Subsequently replaced with Version 2.0 named AssistiveDevicesProgram.ca

A springboard for launch into the global assistive devices industry anticipated to reach $35,599 million by 2026 – Allied MarketResearch